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Pier AppealExpand

Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners have launched an appeal for funds to help with the upcoming restoration of the town’s Pier, and are getting the word out there with the help of Alan Titchmarsh, TheCounty PressandIsland Echo. Please take a look at these recent articles and spread the word.

Replacement BreakwaterExpand


Yarmouth Harbour Announce Plans for a Replacement Breakwater

The existing breakwater, which is constructed with old railway line and sleepers, is nearing the end of its useful life, so a replacement breakwater is required.

Ideally a new breakwater would be 75 metres further north into the Solent than the existing one. It is likely to be of rock armour construction and at least one metre taller than the existing structure to cope with the predicted sea level rise this century.

This announcement is just the beginning of a long process which involves extensive consultation with a number of government agencies, the local community and the harbour users.

A new breakwater in the proposed location would enable further growth of harbour business, both commercial and leisure. It would also provide better flood protection to the Western Yar Estuary and Yarmouth Town.

This area is highly environmentally designated, and the harbour commissioners understand the challenges in this location.

Raising the funds for the breakwater is as big a challenge as the permission and licenses that it requires. The expected cost is in the order of 10 million and the commissioners expect that the whole project is likely to take 5 years.

Technical Report - Full Version - Refer to 2014 Update to the 2010 Report 'Adapting to Coastal Flooding in the Yarmouth Area in the 21st Century'Expand

Adapting to Coastal Flooding in the Yarmouth Area in the 21st CenturyExpand

2014 Update to the 2010 Report 'Adapting to Coastal Flooding in the Yarmouth Area in the 21st Century'Expand

Harbour Dockside CraneExpand

Harbour Dockside Crane

A new Peloby crane has now been installed on the new West Quay at Yarmouth.

As with the old crane this new one may now only be operated by Harbour employees, who have been trained, or commercial operators who have signed a legal agreement with Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners, provided copies of their public liability and employee insurance, and have put named employees through the crane training programme.

There will be a charge for the time of YHC employees who operate the crane, at the published rates for labour. The minimum charge is for 30 minutes.

The crane may be booked in advance by contacting Reception at the Harbour Office.


How would you like to see your photos in our Visitors’ Guide, or even displayed on our website?

Well it’s easy!

Just send us your favourite photographs of your visits to Yarmouth Harbour, the West Wight, or the Island in general. Although we cannot pay for your contribution we will acknowledge you as the photographer – something to show all your friends and family, IN PRINT!

Any photographs submitted must be high resolution and at least 300dpi. They can be submitted via e-mail or on disk. If posting please mark for the attention of Tracey Cooper. Please don’t forget to ensure your name and address is included, as well as the location of your photograph(s).

If you have any queries please call Tracey at the Harbour Office or e-mail her at