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General Information on Approaching the Harbour

The leading lights are both bright green LED lights.

The harbour entrance contains the car ferry berth and at times can become very congested, especially at summer weekends or bank holidays.  Great caution is to be taken when entering or leaving the harbour.  Vessels must adhere to the speed limits, 4 knots over the ground maximum within the inner harbour (ie from the harbour entrance to the bridge and all of the river south of the bridge), and 6 knots over the ground maximum elsewhere within the harbour limits.

If the “Harbour Full” signs and/or signals are displayed you should not attempt to enter the harbour.  Similarly, if you are advised by harbour staff on VHF that the harbour is full you should not attempt to enter the harbour.

When the harbour is busy you must take great care manoeuvring around vessels and to and from any berth.

The Wightlink Yarmouth-Lymington car ferry when arriving and leaving the ferry berth at Yarmouth Harbour is restricted on its ability to manoeuvre and is to be given a wide berth.  When arriving at or leaving the berth the car ferries are likely to thrust onto or away from the berth, which may cause turbulence for passing vessels.

What to do on Approaching/Arrival at the Harbour Entrance

Yarmouth Harbour operatates on VHF Channel 68.

All vessels should be ready to moor both port and starboard side to.

Berthing Masters patrol the harbour entrance and will direct vessels for overnight and short stay berths, fuel and loading/unloading.

Proceed only to the berth allocated by berthing staff and be mindful of the following:

  • Many berths in Yarmouth involve rafting.
  • Tidal flows in the harbour and entrance can be strong and cross berths at odd angles.
  • Yarmouth RNLI lifeboat can leave quickly at any time and without warning.
  • Short stays may be directed to buoys outside or other non-walkashore moorings after 1300 when busy.
  • Short stay visitors on walk-ashore pontoons must vacate by 1500.
  • Overnight stays must vacate moorings by 1200 on day of departure.
  • Mooring fees are applicable to all craft mooring at Yarmouth Harbour.
  • Mooring fees are colected by Berthing/Taxi/Night staff or paid at Harbour Reception.
  • Berthing Masters can often offer assistance when manoeuring in difficult berths - call us on VHF channel 68.
  • Yarmouth can be extremely busy.
  • Always proceed at dead low speed and be prepared to queue.