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Inner Harbour Rules

  1. SPEED LIMIT - 4 knots in river and Harbour to Dolphin at entrance. 6 knots from harbour entrance to pier head and through all outer moorings to Black Rock. Note that speed limits will be strictly enforced.
  2. APPROACHES - From East: When approaching Yarmouth from the East please keep at least 50m clear of the pier head to avoid fishing lines. Similarly on departure from the harbour. Beware of the car ferries which operate frequently in and out of Yarmouth Harbour. They may have difficulty seeing you approach from the East behind the pier. From West: Keep well clear to the north of Black Rock buoy and the mooring buoys to the north of the breakwater. Call Yarmouth Harbour on VHF Channel 68 when you are five minutes away from the harbour entrance for instructions from the Berthing Masters.
  3. MOORING - All vessels must moor individually to piles or on pontoons unless instructed by harbour staff. Allocation of visitors' moorings is as directed by Harbour staff.
  4. ANCHORING - No anchoring between the breakwater and the bridge, in any fairway or anywhere that obstructs navigation.
  5. SAILING - Owing to narrow channels sailing is restricted between the harbour entrance and the bridge. Contact the Harbour Master for further details.
  6. NOISE - There are others using the harbour at the same time as you - keep noise to a minimum, especially at night. No static running motors to be operated between 2200 and 0700.
  7. PROHIBITED - No swimming, diving, tomb-stoning,sailboarding, water-skiing or fishing between the breakwater and the bridge. Various restrictions apply elsewhere - please check with Harbour Office for further details.
  8. PETS - No animals allowed on foreign visiting craft unless in possession of a pet passport. Please clean up after your dog and keep it on a lead at all times.
  9. ADVERTISING - No advertising on vessels without the permission of the Harbour Master.
  10. INCIDENTS - All incidents and accidents MUST be reported to the Harbour Master in writing. Incident Report forms can be obtained from the Harbour Office.
  11. BILGES - DO NOT pump out oily bilges into the harbour or river. Any incidents MUST be reported to the Harbour Master.
  12. WASTE - DO NOT throw ANY waste overboard. Facilities for the correct disposal of refuse are available, along with some recycling facilities. We DO NOT accept international catering waste.
  13. DOGS - We welcome dogs to the harbour. However, they must always be kept on a lead on harbour property. Any fouling must be cleared up immediately. They must not be a nuisance to other harbour users or chase/worry resident or vistiting birds.
  14. REFUELLING - IMPORTANT - Petrol and diesel are very inflammable. Every effort to reduce the risk of spillage or explosion should be taken. Ask yourself - Do your tanks have good breathers? Do your fuel gauges work correctly?

When refuelling:

  • Switch off engines and generator sets
  • No smoking
  • Do not use your mobile phone or VHF
  • Handle fuel guns with care
  • Do not spill fuel into the harbour
  • Do not start your engines until all filler guns and tank openings are closed
  • In the event of a fuel spillage, immediately inform harbour staff