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Mooring Options

Owners of all vessels (including dinghies and tenders) must make their own arrangements for the care of their craft. Owners away from the locality must inform the Harbour Master of such arrangements, and provide a contact number in case of an emergency.

The Commissioners and their staff cannot accept responsibility for the safety or security of vessels but may, at their discretion, cause any vessel to be removed or secured or otherwise dealt with without liability for any damage caused thereto or to other craft thereby.

Restrictions on Mooring Space

On weekends or Bank Holidays in good weather, especially during the summer, there is often very limited space in the Harbour. On these occasions a sign with the words "Limited Space - Please call VHF Ch 68" is displayed at the northern end of the jetty on the eastern side of the entrance and on the Dolphin at the western side of the Harbour entrance.

Please do not proceed into the Harbour until you have received instructions from a member of the Berthing Team.

Harbour staff have been instructed to ignore hand signals.

Fuel Berth

Vessels are only to moor at the fuel berth whilst they are taking on fuel or waiting to be served. These berths are not to be used for any other purpose.

When refuelling there are to be no naked lights either on the vessel or on the fuel berth. Engines are to be switched off. Mobile phones are not to be used onboard the vessel or on the fuel berth. The fuel berth is to be vacated as soon as refuelling is completed and paid for.

Please call Yarmouth Harbour on VHF Ch 68 if you require fuel.

If you require assistance when berthing or leaving a berth please call for a Berthing Master on channel 68, who will be pleased to assist you.