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Harbour Speed Limits

Mariners are advised there is a speed limit of :
- 4 knots over the ground in the River Yar and inner Harbour area, and
- 6 knots over the ground from the entrance dolphin at the breakwater to the outer Harbour limits
Instances of speeding by craft within the Harbour limits and in particular by powerboats between the East Fairway buoy and the pier have been increasing.  Safety concerns are not limited to those on the water; there is also a considerable risk to people embarking or disembarking from craft caused by excessive wash from such vessels.
Speed limits were introduced to promote safety of users within Harbour limits and help protect the local environment by reducing the excessive wash by the faster/larger vessels.
Speed limit notices are prominently displayed; mariners should adhere to these limits and Harbour Master's directions regarding safe speeds.
A speeding policy has been introduced in Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) Harbour and administered by the Harbour Master and his staff.  Owners or operators of craft exceeding the speed limits will be liable to prosecution.