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Yarmouth Harbour and the surrounding area have a fascinating natural and historic environment.

From the changing landscape to the abundance of wildlife there is a huge amount to see and discover.

The pages in this section will show why Yarmouth Harbour is such a beautiful place to live and visit and why we are so keen to help keep it that way.

Supporting the Natural Environment and Sustainability

As a Trust Port and Harbour Authority, Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners (YHC) must give due consideration to the environment in every aspect of the business and related activities.

There are also a variety of duties and responsibilities under specific legislation that relate to the marine and coastal environment within its jurisdiction.

Working in partnership with other organisation across the Solent, YHC is part of the Solent Marine Sites (SEMS) Management Scheme that monitors activities within the marine protected areas, identifies issues and works on practical solutions.

YHC is also a partner in the Isle of Wight Estuaries Partnership, which promotes the sustainable management of the Island’s estuaries. Activities include projects to help conserve and restore habitats, reduce any negative impact of our actions and raise awareness of the importance of estuaries.