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Sea Level

Sea level is gradually rising in this area and the rate of change is predicted to increase in the future, perhaps as much as a metre in 100 years.

A sea level increase of one metre in 100 years might not seem like much, but it could make a big difference our activities at the coast as well as to roads, services, and settlements. Because the change is so small each year and is not always a constant change it is sometimes difficult to measure. Scientists around the world are monitoring change in the oceans and climate.

Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners consider sea level rise and the impact on coastal flooding to be the main challenge for the harbour in the future.

Coastal Change Yarmouth

Exceptionl high tides bring occasional flooding to Yarmouth.

The Coastal Change Yarmouth Project worked with the Yarmouth community to design a plan to help minimise the risks and respond to extreme flooding events in the future. In 2014 a flood marker was installed to show where flooding has occurred in Yarmouth in the past.

Coastal Change Yarmouth - street marker