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The Western Yar is one of a network of estuaries across the south coast that provide an important resting and feeding area for migrating birds that travel huge distances across the world.

The estuary’s birds have different adaptations with a beak length that helps them feed in a certain way. This means that many different birds can feed, nest and shelter in the habitats provided by the estuary.

During your visit to Yarmouth Harbour, you might spot some of our resident or visiting birds. Often feeding along the water’s edge is the little egret, which is bright white against the colours of the estuary. You may also hear the evocative call of the curlew or the ‘pee-oo-wit’ of the beautiful lapwing. In the winter months visitors such as brent geese, wigeon and teal can be seen around the estuary. Summer visitors include terns which dive dramatically from the air in search of fish.

The nearby woods and fields also offer cover to numerous small birds and birds of prey. Look out for kingfisher, grey heron, little egret, oystercatcher, curlew, goldfinch, moorhen, common redshank, buzzard, kestrel, and the majestic barn owl.

You might also be lucky enough to see a white-tailed eagle catching fish or cuttlefish in the coastal waters thanks to a re-introduction programme led by Forestry England and the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation. This project is aims to restore eagles to the area after an absence of more than 240 years.