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As Harbour users we can all do our bit to conserve the Western Yar's beautiful environment. Please follow this simple Code of Conduct:

  • Please use the harbour facilities to dispose of your waste. Check to see what you can recycle and help reduce the amount sent to landfill.
  • Please do not throw any litter overboard. Even things you may think are biodegradable can hang around for ages – a banana skin can last for 2 years!
  • Please stay below the 4 knot speed limit. This will prevent river bank erosion and reduce disturbance to wildlife.
  • Please do not light fires or use portable barbeques on Norton Spit. This area of the harbour is particularly sensitive and fires will destroy rare plants. Please use the static barbeques provided.
  • Please keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing wildlife and your neighbours.
  • Please do not walk on the saltmarsh. These areas can be dangerous, particularly for young children. They are also very sensitive and trampling on them will kill the plants and the animals that depend on them.
  • You can find our Waste Management Plan here


The habitats of the Western Yar are so important to wildlife that they are designated as a Site of Scientific Interest and are part of a European Marine Site that includes important areas on both sides of the Solent.

Every year the Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners and the Estuaries Project team up to carry out environmental monitoring and research. This work helps to make sure that any problems are spotted early on and before damage is caused. Appropriate management can then be put into place. See if you can spot the yellow crosses on top of the saltmarsh monitoring posts and keep an eye open for interesting information boards in the area.

The Revised Western Yar Estuary Management Plan was produced in 2004. The original plan was written in 1998 and was reviewed and updated by the Western Yar Estuary Management Committee.

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