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Fuel Berth

Please call ‘Yarmouth Harbour‘ on VHF Ch68 if you require fuel.

The fuel facility is located on a floating pontoon near to the harbour entrance and has berths for four vessels. The fuel berth serves diesel and petrol.

Vessels are only to moor at the fuel berth whilst they are taking on fuel or waiting to be served. These berths are not to be used for any other purpose.

Fuel Berth Opening Times

Dates 2022-23Times
1st Jan – 27th Mar 20220700 – last fuel 1830
28th Mar – 29th Oct 202224 hours
30th Oct – 26th Mar 20230700 – last fuel 1830

IMPORTANT – Petrol and diesel are highly flammable. Every effort to reduce the risk of spillage or explosion should be taken. Do your tanks have good breathers? Do your fuel gauges work correctly? In the event of fuel spillage IMMEDIATELY INFORM HARBOUR STAFF.

Guide to Refuelling

  • Switch off engines and generator sets.
  • NO smoking / no naked lights on your vessel or on fuel berth.
  • DO NOT use your mobile phone or VHF on your vessel or on fuel berth.
  • Handle fuel guns with care.
  • DO NOT spill fuel into the harbour.
  • DO NOT re-start your engines until all filler guns and tank openings are closed.
  • Vacate fuel berth as soon as refuelling is completed and paid for.

Fuel Berth Facilities

Water is available on the fuel berth but requires your own hose.

A FREE sewage pump-out facility is available on the fuel berth.