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Board of Commissioners

Yarmouth Harbour is governed by an independent Board of nine Commissioners, including the Chief Executive Officer/Harbour Master who is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the harbour.

The persons presently holding office as Commissioners at Yarmouth Harbour are as follows:

Board MemberRole
Tim AdamsCommissioner, Chief Executive / Harbour Master
Sarah TurvillChairman of the Commissioners
Brian MitchellVice Chairman of the Commissioners
Jamie ClarkeCommissioner
Gareth DaviesCommissioner
Marc GiraudonCommissioner
Gill KennettCommissioner
Anne KyleCommissioner
Barney SollarsCommissioner

Commissioners’ Board Meetings

Dates of the Commissioners’ Board meetings for 2023:

Friday (unless stated otherwise)TimeMeeting
13th January09:00Private – Informal
10th February09:00Private – Formal
29 March (Wednesday)17:00Informal Public Meeting
31st March09:00Private Formal
28th April09:00Private – Informal
26th May09:00Private Formal
20th June (Tuesday)17:30AGM
7th July09:00Private – Informal
28th July09:00Private Formal
29th September09:00Private Formal
TBC October17:00Informal Public Meeting
27th October09:00Private – Informal
24th November09:00Private Formal

Annual General Meeting

The 2023 Commissioners’ AGM was held on Tuesday 20th June; the minutes of the meeting are available to download below