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Prior to using a harbour slipway, please contact the Harbour Office on 01983 760321 or VHF Ch68 to ask permission and pay the appropriate fee.

Remember, slipways can be dangerous places if not used properly.

Also read our slipway safety tips.

Harbour Office Slipway

At the western end of the South Quay there is a small slipway close to the Harbour Office, which is steeper than the other slipways.

Dinghy Park Slipway

South of the Yar Bridge on the east bank of the river is a small slipway.

Access from the shore is via the Isle of Wight Council Car Park and the Dinghy Park.

The Dinghy Park gate key is available from the Harbour Office.

Wightlink Slipway

Wightlink terminal ferry operations take priority at all times.

The Wightlink slipway slipway is on the corner between the South Quay and the Town Quay. It can be accessed via the Wightlink marshalling area.

Users need to be mindful of the queuing traffic waiting for the ferry as well as traffic leaving the ferry and proceeding towards the main road.