Yarmouth Pier Temporary Closure

Yarmouth Pier Temporary Closure

With support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) the restoration of Yarmouth Pier is now underway. The Pier is now temporarily closed to visitors whilst the essential works are carried out but we’ll keep you up to date with progress via Facebook (yarmouthpier) and in the news section of the website. Yarmouth Pier looks forward to welcoming visitors again in the summer. 

Safety Tips


Children MUST be accompanied by an adult when in the harbour.


During the daytime the pink pontoon is accessible for crabbing. This should only be done from the pontoon adjacent and parralel to the RNLI lifeboat pen. Crabbing must not take place on any other walk ashore pontoons or bridges leading from the pontoons.


Strong tides flow through Yarmouth, particularly on the last of the ebb. Take extra care when manoeuvring in the harbour and into berths where cross tides may occur.
If you require assistance when berthing or leaving a berth, please call the Berthing Master on VHF CH 68 who will be pleased to assist.


When arriving or departing Yarmouth from/to the East please pass at least 50 metres clear of the pier head to avoid fishing lines.

Harbour Entrance

Yarmouth is shared by yachtsmen, fishermen and ferry operators. At times the entrance can become very busy and special vigilance is required when navigating in this area. Visitors are particularly requested to give the Wightlink ferry a wide berth as it enters and leaves the harbour.

Slipways [More]

Before Launching
Check weather and tidal conditions
Assess the risks such as slips, trips and falls etc
Be aware of other users of the slipway
Attach a safety line to your trailer
Check any bungs are in place
Never stand behind a boat whilst it is being launched or recovered
Check the trailer and boat are safely secured

Know where the end of the slipway is
Be aware of people around you
Tie your boat up securely
Remove your car and trailer promptly
Leave the slipway as you found it
BEWARE – slipways can be dangerous!

Tenders [More]

Wear a Life Jacket!
If using an inflatable tender ensure it is fully inflated
Launch the tender into a clear area
Always carry a set of oars
Using an outboard? Check your fuel!
Carry a VHF/mobile phone
Beware other harbour users wash
Do not overload the tender
Be aware of weather and tidal conditions
Make children aware of this advice
Wear a kill cord

At Night
Carry a torch or form of light
Keep a vigilant look out

Wear a Kill Cord

Always wear a kill cord. 

RA 186 Attachment RIB Accident »

Fire Risk

For useful tips, read this Fire Safety Afloat »

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Opening Times

CLOSED. Opening Times: 07:00 - 19:00 Last Showers 18:30