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Slipway Safety TIPS

Using the Slipway Safely

  • BEFORE launching and retrieving your boat always check what the tide and weather conditions are.
  • The main slipway in Yarmouth has a VERTICAL DROP at the end of it; this is marked by an ORANGE MARKER BUOY and a BLUE SIGN on the quay wall.  Please be aware of this VERTICAL DROP at all times (especially before launching and retrieving your boat).
  • BEWARE of other people using the slipway before making your way onto it.
  • BEFORE reversing your car and trailer onto the slipway please make sure you have a safety line attached to your trailer.
  • The slipway can be SLIPPERY AT ANY TIME, so please be aware of this.
  • Leave your car IN GEAR when turning your engine off.
  • Make sure that the BUNG is in the back of your boat before launching; NO BUNG WILL RESULT IN SINKING.
  • DON'T FORGET to tie your boat up safely whilst clearing the slipway.
  • DO NOT leave your car and trailer unattended at any time.
  • Remember to leave the slipway as you found it, keeping it safe for other slipway users.
  • Leave the slipway as safely and as quickly as possible.


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Opening Times

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