VHF 68 Harbour - 15 Water Taxi

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Harbour Radio VHF Ch68

Call Yarmouth Harbour on VHF Ch68, Call Sign ‘Yarmouth Harbour’, when you are five minutes away from the harbour entrance for instructions from the Berthing Masters.

Leading Lights / Marks

Yarmouth Harbour’s leading marks (187ºT) are white diamonds with a black horizontal stripe; the leading lights (187ºT) are bright green LED lights.


Give way to the Wightlink vehicle ferry (IRPCS Rule 9).

Keep 100m clear of the north side of the Pier head to clear fishing lines.

Approaching From The East

When approaching from the east, please keep 100m clear of the north side of Yarmouth Pier head to avoid fishing lines; similarly on departure from the harbour.

Anglers frequently cast their lines from the end of the pier into the Solent.

Leave the East Fairway buoy to port, turn onto a bearing of 187° and follow the leading marks.

Beware of the Wightlink vehicle ferries which operate frequently in and out of Yarmouth Harbour. They may have difficulty seeing you approach from the east behind the pier.

Please give way to the Wightlink ferries; Rule 9 IRPCS Vessels in Narrow Channels.

Approaching From The West

When approaching from the west, keep well clear to the north of Black Rock buoy and the mooring buoys to the north of the breakwater.

Leave the Poole Belle buoy to starboard, turn onto a bearing of 187° and follow the leading marks.

Always proceed at dead low speed and be prepared to queue.

Entering The Harbour

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Safe Berthing

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