VHF 68 Harbour - 15 Water Taxi

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  • Many berths in Yarmouth Harbour involve rafting.
  • Tidal flows in the harbour and entrance can be strong and cross berths at odd angles.
  • Yarmouth RNLI Lifeboat can leave quickly at any time and without warning.
  • Short stays may be directed to buoys outside the harbour or other non-walk-ashore moorings after 1300 when busy.
  • Short stay visitors on walk-ashore pontoons must vacate by 1500.
  • Overnight stays must vacate moorings by 1200 on day of departure.
  • Mooring fees are applicable to all craft mooring at Yarmouth Harbour.
  • Mooring fees should be paid at Harbour Office Reception or collected by Berthing/Taxi/Night staff.
  • Berthing Masters can often offer assistance when manoeuvring in difficult berths – call us on VHF Ch68.