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General Directions

General Directions are rules that apply to all harbour users, including those on the water within Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners’ jurisdiction and/or on any of the Commissioners’ property.

The 2011 Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) Harbour Revision Order granted powers of General Direction and Special Direction to Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners.

The Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) General Directions came into effect on 1 March 2012. These are the rules and regulations for the day-to-day running of the harbour and supersede the Yarmouth Harbour 1973 Byelaws.

The General Directions and Harbour Revision Order can be downloaded via the links below, or paper copies are available for collection at Yarmouth Harbour Office Reception.

General Directions Review and Consultation

Notice is given that the Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners are undergoing a review of the 2011 General Directions. The revised draft General Directions are now published for formal consultation.

The General Directions are to be made under the powers granted in The Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) Harbour Revision Order 2011.

Copies of the draft General Directions are also available at the Yarmouth Harbour Office from 0800 – 1700, or may be downloaded using the link below.

Any comment in relation to the draft General Directions should be sent by email to info@yarmouth-harbour.co.uk to be received no later than Friday 13th October 2023.