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Harbour Rules

Please read this quick guide to Yarmouth Harbour’s rules and share the information with your crew.


Speed Limit

Speed limits are 4 knots in the river and harbour to the Dolphin at the entrance, and 6 knots from the harbour entrance to the Pier head and through all the outer moorings to Black Rock buoy. Note that speed limits will be strictly enforced.


Prohibited Activities

No swimming, diving, tombstoning, paddle boarding, sailboarding, or water-skiing between the breakwater and the Yar Swing Bridge. Various restrictions apply elsewhere – please check with Harbour Office for further details.


Visitor Moorings

The allocation of visitor moorings (over 150 available daily) is as directed by our Berthing Masters on arrival.


Fuel Berth Moorings

Vessels are only to moor at the Fuel Berth whilst they are taking on fuel or waiting to be served. These berths are not for any other purpose.


Anchoring is only in permitted locations; ask harbour staff. Please call VHF Ch68 for advice.


Arriving From Outside The UK

HM Revenue & Customs – Find out what actions you need to take from the National Yachtline.



Any vessel wishing to navigate the inner harbour under sail, north of the Yar Swing Bridge, shall give reasonable notice to the Harbour Master by VHF Ch68, or by telephone or in person.



There are others using the harbour at the same time as you – please keep noise to a minimum, especially at night. No static running motors to be operated between 2200 and 0700.



Fishing is permitted in designated areas only, provided you have a valid fishing permit.



All incidents and accidents MUST be reported to the Harbour Master in writing. Incident Report forms can be obtained from the Harbour Office.



BBQs are not permitted on board vessels anywhere in the Yarmouth Harbour jurisdiction; please use the dedicated BBQ area next to The Sandhard beach in the harbour.