VHF 68 Harbour - 15 Water Taxi

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Tender Safety

Remember – if you’re unsure whether you’ll be safe using a tender – Yarmouth Harbour operates a harbour water taxi service which is available on VHF Ch15, Call Sign ‘Harbour Taxi’ or by telephone on 07969 840173.

Using a Tender Safely

  • Everyone onboard to wear a lifejacket!
  • If using an inflatable tender, ensure it is fully inflated.
  • Launch the tender into a clear area.
  • Always carry a set of oars.
  • Using an outboard? Check your fuel! Take oars in case of engine failure!
  • Carry a VHF/mobile phone.
  • Beware other harbour users’ wash.
  • Do not overload the tender.
  • Get in the tender carefully, do not jump in!
  • Be aware of weather and tidal conditions.
  • Make children aware of this advice.
  • Wear a kill cord.
  • Please mind the gap between the pontoons.
  • At night carry a torch or form of light.
  • Keep a vigilant look out.
  • If unsure about using a tender safely, call a water taxi on VHF Ch15.