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Ports Good Governance Guidance

Good governance guidance for statutory harbour authorities operating ports in England and Wales.

This guidance sets out the principles of openness, accountability and fitness for purpose in managing harbours in the broad public interest.

The current Ports Good Governance Guidance was published by the Department for Transport in March 2018.: Moving Britain Ahead.

Marine Safety Management Manual

The Marine Safety Management Manual mandates how Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners, as the Duty Holder, discharges our duties as required by the Port Marine Safety Code by detailing our policies and commitments and hierarchical overview of how marine safety is managed within our jurisdiction.

The current version of the Marine Safety Management Manual (Issue 16) was published in March 2023.

Port Waste Management Plan

Yarmouth Harbour (IOW) is a small Trust Port. Most of the waste is generated by harbour management operations, small commercial vessels such as fishing boats, and recreational craft consisting of permanent mooring holders and visitors.

Yarmouth Community Emergency Flood Plan

The aim of the Yarmouth Community Emergency Flood Plan, is to help local people prepare and be resilient in times of flooding.