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Speed Limits

Mariners are advised there are speed limits in Yarmouth Harbour of:

4 knots over the ground in the River Yar and Inner Harbour area to the Dolphin at the harbour entrance.

6 knots over the ground from the entrance Dolphin at the breakwater, through all the outer moorings to Black Rock buoy at the Outer Harbour limits.

Instances of speeding by vessels, including powerboats, within the harbour limits between the East Fairway buoy and Yarmouth Pier have been increasing. Safety concerns are not limited to those on the water; excessive wash from speeding vessels presents a considerable risk to people embarking or disembarking from their craft.

Speed limits exist to promote the safety of users within harbour limits and to help protect the local environment by reducing excessive wash from faster/larger vessels.

Speed limit notices are prominently displayed; mariners should adhere to these limits and the Harbour Master’s directions regarding safe speeds.

A speeding enforcement policy is in place at Yarmouth Harbour and is administered by the Harbour Master and his staff. Owners or operators of craft exceeding the speed limits will be liable to prosecution.

COLREGS RULE 6 – Safe Speed

Every vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed so that she can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within the distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

The following factors should be among those taken into account:

  • The state of visibility.
  • The traffic density including concentrations of fishing vessels or any other vessels.
  • The manoeuvrability of the vessel with special reference to stopping distance and turning ability in the prevailing conditions.
  • The state of wind, sea and current, and the proximity of navigational hazards.
  • At night the presence of background light such as from shore lights or other back scatter.
  • In instances where radar is being used, the limitations associated with your radar device and general radar navigation must be considered.