Yarmouth Pier Temporary Closure

Yarmouth Pier Temporary Closure

With support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) the restoration of Yarmouth Pier is now underway. The Pier is now temporarily closed to visitors whilst the essential works are carried out but we’ll keep you up to date with progress via Facebook (yarmouthpier) and in the news section of the website. Yarmouth Pier looks forward to welcoming visitors again in the summer. 


The Isle of Wight Council owns and maintains the bridge. Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners' staff operate the bridge.

The Bridge Operator has responsibility for the control of operations at all times. In order to prevent confusion, Bridge Operators have been instructed to ignore hand signals.

During the summer season (BST) boat owners are requested to co-operate by synchronising their bridge use around a schedule of fixed opening times. This will assist in the management of traffic and avoid congestion.

Summer fixed opening times are:
0800-0810, 0900-0910, 1000-1010,
1100-1110, 1200-1210, 1400-1410,
1600-1610, 1730-1740, 1830-1840,

Winter operation (GMT): By arrangement with the Harbour Office during opening hours.  A minimum of 30 minutes notice is required.  Please contact the Harbour Office on VHF Channel 68 or telephone 01983 760321.

The punctuality of boat arrivals to a close but safe proximity to the bridge is essential to prevent road traffic congestion. Harbour staff have instructions not to hold the bridge open for late arrivals.

If you need to wait for a bridge opening, please contact harbour staff on VHF channel 68 who will guide you to an apropriate berth. Do not go alongside vessels berthed near the bridge.

Bridge requests and radio messages for bridge opening are handled on VHF Ch 68, call sign Yar Bridge.  You should keep in touch with the Bridge Operator on Channel 68.

When the bridge opens the Marine Traffic Signals will show RED.

Traffic flow. Priority will be given to vessels proceeding with the tide. However, under certain circumstances this priority may be reversed at the discretion of the Bridge Operator.

The marine traffic signals on the River Yar swing bridge are fitted with standby lights. The system in operation works as follows: RED for STOP, RED and GREEN together for STAND BY, GREEN for GO. There is also an audible warning device to remind boat owners of the need to comply with these signals.

01983 760321
Water Taxi
07969 840173



Opening Times

CLOSED. Opening Times: 07:00 - 19:00 Last Showers 18:30